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About Malcolm French

A_Mt Zeil summit 13.jpg

Mt Zeil summit 2008, the highest mountain in the NT, NW of Alice Springs.




Bush traveller

Eucalypt taxonomist

Research Associate and volunteer at Perth Herbarium


Bluff Knoll summit, Stirling Range NP, J

Bluff Knoll summit, Stirling Range NP, July 2017.

The highest occurring eucalypt seen here was E.megacarpa at 950 metres.

Malcolm French began his interest in eucalypts in the 1980s, when he grew eucalypts for his family farm at Rylstone on the Central Tablelands of NSW. As the plants grew so did his interest in them, and it wasn’t long before he began growing more eucalypts and his desire to learn more about them became quite a passion.

Malcolm has lived in Perth since 1993, when he was offered a management position in an agribusiness enterprise in WA. His decision to move to WA was made easy due to the opportunity to research the vast diversity of eucalypts in the State. Since then, he has travelled extensively throughout WA as part of his work profession and for eucalypt research, and it wasn’t long before he published his first book on Western Australia eucalypts, The Special Eucalypts of Perth and the South-west (1997). Malcolm subsequently published the comprehensive Eucalypts of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt (2013).

Malcolm has been a volunteer at the Western Australian Herbarium since 1996, undertaking research, identifying eucalypt specimens and providing taxonomic advice.

With so many new species of eucalypts in Western Australia ‘sitting in the shelves’ having been published in scientific journals but not exposed to the public in a book mode with images and information, it is Malcolm’s intention to promote all of these on line through the various mediums or even perhaps a new book for all to enjoy.

Plus there is new species out there still to be discovered, still much research to do, so the trusty Prado rolls on through the magnificent bushlands of Western Australia.

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