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Eucalypts of Western Australia | The South West Coast and Ranges

Thanks Malcolm

Your books (along with Dean Nicolles) are beautifully set out and a perfect blend for people passing through the bush who have an interest in Eucs, as well as the experienced botanist.

Well done! - Dr Jerome Bull, Principal Botanist, Onshore Environmental Consultants.


"Malcolm, I quote from your inspiring lecture at the Albany Conference...but I am applying it to your recent book on Eucalypts of the South West Coast, companion to the Wheatbelt book I also have.


The book is a model of providing all one needs to identify and enjoy these species, so well laid out, indexed and ilustrated. So - thank you!


To really appreciate and know our eucalypts I know one needs to be studying throughout the year and that is a problem for me spending half the year in UK for personal reasons. I would love to see new books on the wattles, and some other key groups, and you and your publishers have laid out a model for all such reference books." - Andrew Mayo.

The books arrived safely and promptly and what a wonderful resource they are!  I have already taken and used them on a recent trip to the goldfields and I am now ordering a second set for a Christmas present! Many thanks" - Annette Nykiel.

"Malcolm and Dean,

I just received a copy of the new book - it's fantastic and beautifully laid out as usual. Congratulations to both of you. It makes me wish I had more space in my garden to try growing some of the more rare and unusual species." - Brett.

Thanks so much Malcolm. It's a beautiful and indepth book." - Justine.

Thank you for keeping us informed. Once again, many wonderful photos and excellent info.


Congratulations on publishing your new book. I can only imagine how much hard work – hopefully mostly pleasurable work – must have gone into this book. I have been eagerly looking forward to getting a copy, and bought it last Thurs at Boffins. I hope the launch at Ravensthorpe went well. Am I correct in thinking that a new species has just recently been found in the area?


Keep up the important work. What’s the next project?" - Geoff.


Thank you, too, Malcolm for such an outstanding body of work." - Wassili Bijl.

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