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Eucalypts of WA's Wheatbelt

Eucalypts of Western Australia's wheatbe

Eucalypts of Western Australia's Wheatbelt is a book for all to enjoy...

  • 159 species described in detail (all eucalypts occuring naturally in the wheatbelt of Western Australia).

  • 360 descriptive pages.

  • 1300 images complimenting each species.

  • The science of identifying all species explained. Botanical names explained.

  • All species fully described, many for the first time. 

  • Distribution maps meticulously compiled, uses, names, types, species history and comparisons all included.

  • Produced for everyone, the beginner, the layperson, the professional botanist, all will enjoy identifying our wheatbelt eucalypts.

  • Almost A4 in size, bound strongly for best use in the field or at home.

SAMPLE PAGES (Click on the pages below to open enlarged PDF sample...)

E. salubris.jpg
E. macrocarpa ssp. macrocarpa.jpg
E. falcata.jpg
E. pleurocarpa.jpg
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